In 3rd course of ESO, during quarantine, we’ve been working through the levels of iconicity when representing a work of art. We have selected an object of reality and interpret it in three different ways: realistic (true to reality), figurative (based on reality but not copying it), and abstract (no resemblance to reality).

Book day 2020

In these complicated times in which we live, where the book is the only friend we can relate to as we always have, the Book Day celebrations are tinged with gratitude towards those pages that are filling up so many empty moments. 1st ESO students have participated in a reading of stories by authors from [...]

Earth Day

Today is #Earthday and our students are celebrating it from home, demonstrating support for environmental protection with their little actions. They are creating new life by planting seeds and vegetables. The seeds planted at the beginning of this year by our 4th Primary students at school in their IPC project, and some other ones of […]