Talk about minerals and rocks

Yesterday, during our IPC class in 1º Primary, Susana Torno, Civil and Mining Engineering Professor of the University of Oviedo, joined us to talk about minerals and rocks. It was a very dynamic class where the students learned many new things about the uses of rocks and minerals in our daily lives. Susana taught them [...]

Forces and Structures

As the conclusion to the theme of “Forces and Structures” to apply the concepts seen, our 2nd ESO students designed and built some structures, using recycled paper, so that they could fulfill a series of conditions, for example, to pass a load test of a minimum of 6 kg (30 times its weight) during 5 [...]

ISP Europe Online Chess Tournament

Whilst the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and families remains our top priority, the International Schools Partnership (ISP) continues to put learners and learning at the forefront of everything we do. Despite the temporary closure of our school buildings around the world due to COVID-19, learning and teaching continues through our distance learning approaches […]


The Thyssen Museum has launched the 4th call for its competition for young  artist called “Versiona Thyssen”, which consists of reinterpreting 6 proposed works from the museum´s collection. Our 4th of E.S.O. and 1st Bachelor have participated with the following pieces:


During this quarantine, in arts, we had to be creative with what we had at home, but that did not limit our creativity. After the new fashion trend encouraged by several art museums to recreate works of art with what we had at home, at the Palacio de Granda we decided to do the same. […]