¡LEGEASport and LAUDE Palacio de Granda together!

LEGEASport and the LAUDE Palacio de Granda school have signed an agreement in which LEGEASport will be the responsible supplier of the Official Equipment for the extracurricular sports activities of the school. The signing of the Collaboration Agreement between both entities took place this morning at the LAUDE Palacio de Granda school facilities, and was […]

Special report by La Nueva España “La Pizarra”

Our students have returned to school “happy and with an unbeatable disposition to adapt to the changes derived from covid-19, following all the rules established in the protocol that we have developed, which includes even stricter measures than those imposed by the Principality, since for us the most important thing is the safeguarding of all […]

LAUDE Schools awarded ‘Best International Educational Project’ by La Razón Newspaper

LAUDE Schools was acknowledged as ‘Best International Educational Project’, when it was presented with the award granted by the La Razón newspaper as part of its well-known Corporate Excellence Awards. The award positions LAUDE Schools as a reference point within the education industry. Due to the fact that it belongs to an international educational group […]

Graduation of our pupils in 5 Years and 6ºPRI

Today we celebrated the graduation of our pupils in 5 Years and 6ºPRI who have reached the end of their stage and are now moving up into Primary and Secondary respectively. It is always an emotional time to look back on the past few years, the activities and the happy memories and look forward to […]

Learning about different periods of history

In their IPC project, 2nd Primary students have been learning about different periods of history and, among other things, have recreated scenes of life in prehistoric times, such as prehistoric caves, rock art, etc. They have also made their own inventions and have had a lot of fun with this project.

Face the Coronavirus

We greatly appreciate Avelino´s Fernández Terán participation, father of Carlota (1ºA), Physician, Dentist of SESPA and Medical Director of Policlínico Sierosalud, who gave an interesting talk to students from 1º to 3º of Primary, “Face the Coronavirus”, with the aim of informing everyone about the Coronavirus, its origin and the protocols to be observed.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated today, June 5th, hosted by Colombia, and is the most important date in the official United Nations calendar for promoting environmental action. Since 1974, 5th June has become a global public platform that brings together governments, businesses, celebrities and citizens around a pressing environmental issue. We would like to congratulate [...]