Forbes ranking best schools #24 Palacio de Granda

We are pleased to announce that the prestigious Forbes magazine, for the second consecutive year, has published its ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain, and Palacio de Granda has positioned itself at #24, being the only ranked school in Asturias. The prestigious magazine, famous for producing rankings in the field of business and […]

We are an examination centre for the Goethe Institute

Each year the group of students who take external official exams is more numerous. As a novelty, this year we have been an examination center for the Goethe Institute. So we not only have English and French certificates but also German. Our most sincere congratulations to all the candidates, there is a lot of effort [...]

Welcome Sara!

Hello! My name is Sara Cano, and I have the pleasure of being part of the Palacio de Granda teaching team. I am the new Arts teacher. I did the Fine Arts degree, and I am specialized in Contemporary Art.

GLA 2021- 2022, (Graduate Learning Assistant)

We present you our GLAs from this course 2021-2022, (Graduate Learning Assistant) Charlotte and Chiara, from the United Kingdom. They come from internships throughout the course, and one of their main tasks is to have constant conversations in English (practice "oral expression"), as well as to get involved with students in various bilingual classes and [...]

IPC Project Year 6 “Brainwave”

In Year 6 we are starting the year with a project exploring the brain, with these four objectives: How the brain works How we learn and how we can improve our learning methods The importance of cooperation Improve our global knowledge To launch the project, Year 6 students assumed the role of teachers, and taught [...]

Welcome Paula!

We continue with the presentations of the new teachers at Palacio de Granda and it is time to meet our new teacher Paula, who has been living in the UK for many years. Paula combines methodologies from the British curriculum with Spanish curriculum, to enrich the learning of our students following the "Amazing Learning" methodology.

Palacio de Granda has received the Green Flag from ADEAC

Palacio de Granda has received the Green Flag from ADEAC (association of environmental and consumer education), fundamentally for its capacity for sustainability, energy saving, water saving and promotion of the culture of the "3 R" (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse), in addition to being able to promote the education of its students in the care of [...]

Juan Caballero – Deputy head

Good morning Students and families Palacio de Granda school, My name is Juan Caballero, and I am the new Deputy Head of the school. I have more than 20 years of experience working in various schools, the last one as Deputy Head at a London school. I come with the illusion of contributing to Palacio […]