Magnificent EBAU Results

The Palacio de Granda school congratulates all the students of the XXXIV promotion of 2nd Baccalaureate, for their excellent results in the EBAU exams. It has been a difficult year, but these brilliant marks are the deserved recognition of an extraordinary work by students and teachers: 100% pass, of which 44% have achieved marks above […]

Mindfulness for kids: the key to Amazing Learning

Mindfulness for kids: the key to Amazing Learning Mindfulness teaching fosters the pedagogical community, in which students flourish academically, emotionally and socially, and in which teachers make the most of the climate that is created within this educational environment. This practice provides a new way of attending and looking at reality, awakening the curiosity, wonder […]

Video Gallery for Primary and ESO Yayoi Kusama students

Our teacher María has created this wonderful video-gallery, which compiles several works of our students in the art subject. This project is dedicated to the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Elementary and ESO students worked through the plastic and artistic expression of this artist’s work. The project is tailored to the characteristics of each cycle.

Article by newspaper “La Nueva España”

The objective of the educational project at Laude Palacio de Granda is for its students to have a comprehensive training, making the most of their abilities, diversity and creativity. To achieve this, they work in an education based in small groups, ensuring individualized learning. They are determinedly committed to enriching study plans, seeking education beyond […]

2nd prize for innovative ideas ASTURIASTEAM

We congratulate the effort and innovation of our dear students Pablo Otero Garcia, Cristina Díaz-Montero Poo, Tomás Rial Formoso winners of the 2nd prize for innovative ideas ASTURIASTEAM. Congratulations on this well deserved award! The project consists mainly of implementing in public places such as public transport stops, bus or metro stations; a bicycle capable […]

Article by news paper La Nueva España “We develop skills and abilities seeking student success”

“We develop skills and abilities seeking student success” We share an article made by the newspaper “La Nueva España” about our school. Through the article, you will be able to learn about the methodology that we teach in the different stages, and the reasons why we are considered one of the 30 most innovative schools. […]

“The Street ” Kindergarten proyect (2 years)

Our kindergarten children this week have carried out an activity within the project that they do in both Spanish and English called “The Street”. The main topic was road safety. To put it into practice they have organized a circuit with their scooters, motorcycles and relevant helmets. They have worked the basic rules of road […]